Transfer money

to Oman

If you transfer money to Oman from the UK today, you can be sure with ThamelRemit that you will get a great exchange rate for your transfer, getting you the most foreign currency for your money when you need to transfer Rial to Oman from the UK.

To send money to family in Oman from the UK, or to pay suppliers in Oman if for business purposes, it is important to transfer your funds through a company that will give you the best deal. Unlike many banks and other outlets ThamelRemit specialise in cutting costs for businesses and individuals who transfer money abroad by getting our customers a great exchange rate when making oversees payments. The currency in Oman is the Rial, which is divided up into 1000 Baisa and you will need to convert your money into Rial when transfering money abroad from the UK.

Very competitive transfer fees on money transfer to Oman

We are a leading competitor in the world of foreign currency exchange and offer a completely transparent service with exchange rates that are some of the best on the market on all your financial transactions and with no hidden charges or fees apart from our ThamelRemit's transfer fees which are some of the lowest around.

We are a highly experienced foreign exchange company and offer an easy to follow and simple process to our customers when sending money abroad to worldwide bank accounts. A fast and secure service offering better exchange rates than banks and building society's and with competitively low transfer fees.

In today's business world where everything is needed yesterday, one service that is becoming more popular year by year is ThamelRemit's online service. Customers that have already registered an account are able to transfer money abroad from the UK from the ease of their living room sofa or their desk at work without wasting valuable time.

Get in contact today to talk to one of our expert advisors and see what services we can provide for you. We can also provide a 24 hour money transfer service where payments can be made at your convenience, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, this gives businesses and individuals the ability to be much more in control of their daily lives.