Transfer money

to Morocco

Trying to transfer some money to Morocco? If so, then ThamelRemit can offer you this service with a user-friendly process and a fantastic exchange rate with very reasonable fees when you transfer money to Morocco from a UK bank account.

When you use ThamelRemit as a foreign exchange company to transfer your funds, you will get a lot more for your money than if were to use high street banks and many other companies offering the service, partly down to an excellent rate of exchange that you will be getting but also because our fees are very reasonable only charging a maximum of £4 on transfers abroad in excess of £301.

Located in North Africa, Morocco is one of most exciting places to visit in that region and it is very popular with ThamelRemit customers for transfering money to accounts there. It has a thriving tourist industry with the popular cities of Casablanca and Marrakech and many UK citizens are buying up properties in Morocco for holiday homes.

The currency in Morocco is the 'Moroccan Dirham', and to make sure you get your moneys worth of Dirham when transfering funds from the UK to Moroccan bank accounts then follow the process below on our website to see what we can do for you. With great exchange rates and very competitive fees, ThamelRemit will get you more for your money than high street banks and many other outlets offering this service.

4 simple steps to transfer money to Morocco

To transfer money to Morocco from the UK in 4 simple steps then follow the process on our website. Its quick and easy, first of all make sure you select the destination you would like to transfer money to, in this case Morocco. Next add the amount of money you would like to transfer and select the payment option followed by the details of the international account that you are transfering the funds to. Then just confirm all the details you entered one final time.

If transfering money worldwide from UK bank accounts then ThamelRemit offers you peace of mind with our 24-hour money transfer facility and with the added benefit of being able to do this wherever you may be, and without having to touch any money with your own hands.